SpyFX has been gaming for over 20 years. We move from game to game and welcome all players to come play with us. Please avoid toxicity and abide by all the Mordhau Rules laid out below. For any questions please contact us on discord.

Mordhow? Getting Started

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  1. Listen to the Admins and staff. When we make requests, please comply in a timely manner. Anything we ask is for the sole purpose of improving or keeping the server clean and safe for everyone.
    • Any backtalk, trolling or time wasting of Admins may result in a ban and require you to clear the issue up in Discord. If you have concerns with the request, feel free to discuss in Discord after complying. We’re pretty reasonable if you come to talk maturely.
  2. Don’t grandstand. Give the admins time to handle issues.
  3. Please don’t harass the admins. We’re all nice people just trying to keep things moving smoothly.
  4. Shit talk and joking around is fine. Toxicity is not. We aim to reduce server toxicity as much as possible. This isn’t about being nice, or being PC. It’s about making the server an accepting place to be. Things that are not allowed:
    • Racial Slurs
    • “Doxxing”/Revealing or looking up personal/identifiable information of any player or admin.
    • Personal Attacks (Sexual Orientation, Gender, Bullying)
    • Spamming chat
  5. No abusing exploits, no excuses. If you find a game ending or server ending exploit, notify the admin team immediately so that we can protect the server. Exploiting this issue intentionally could result in community ban.
  6. Don’t even joke about hacking. Claiming to hack,even in a joke, can be considered admission of guilt and can result in immediate ban. Any user with existing bans should be extra careful. “It was just a joke” is not an acceptable answer.

Patch #8 Notes

Posted @ https://steamcommunity.com/games/629760/announcements/detail/1611641264670720737 Patch #8 is mainly a Hotfix for the ongoing Steam Inventory issues that prevented a large number of you from playing online. Additionally we’ve squeezed in some ...

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