Patch #9 Rumors: new maps, a chat filter, ranked play, and maybe mod tools

Mordhau developers Triternion have posted an update discussing what they've been working on lately, and what they have planned for the future. Topping the list of post-release priorities are a couple of "fully-fledged" new maps, one a sprawling town and the other a Mediterranean-inspired castle keep, that will be playable in all game modes. "Feitoria is a sprawling town and accompanying village that will alternate between crowded streets, chokepoints, and more open areas and will have an emphasis on verticality and interiors as well. Currently, progress is going well on Feitoria, and our level designer is working on optimization, interior/background polish, and configuring the map for game modes," ...

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Patch #8 Notes

Posted @ Patch #8 is mainly a Hotfix for the ongoing Steam Inventory issues that prevented a large number of you from playing online. Additionally we’ve squeezed in some optimizations on the CPU side. Lastly there has been some changes to Crossroads due to the very mixed feedback we’ve gotten from you guys. As for upcoming updates and patches, we’re still working away on the ranked Duel mode. Feitoria is now in the finishing stage, and Castello has made some great progress as well as you can see in this little sneak peek below. All changes summed up: Gameplay Raised minimum voters for a kickvote vote to be valid: 50% of the team (was 33% of the team), meaning a vote will not ...

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Mordhau Patch 7 Released. New frontline map crossroads.

Original source in steam This update brings the map Crossroads, a large scale battle featuring horses, mortars, and a dangerous single objective to hold in the center. Other additions include the Javelin, a dedicated throwable spear, as well as the Heavy Hand Axe, which has a repair hammer on the back of it! There have been a host of other improvements, including weapon and perk rebalances, a client-side chat mute, Steam Trading Cards, new cosmetics, and some other tweaks and improvements. With this patch we are also disabling Steam family sharing, as this feature is being abused heavily by cheaters to get around bans. Full changelog below. Gameplay Added new map: Crossroads Added new siege engine: Mortar - can be found in the ...

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